The following services are offered by Coid Partners Consultants:

  • Speedy registration of companies with the Compensation Commisioner.
  • Electonic submission of wage returns and completion (only necessary wages).
  • Assisting with completion of yearly assessments, thereby saving you money.
  • Being kept up to date on the statusses of assessment matters by providing an analysis of assessment information.
  • Submitting yearly assessments timeously, to avoid penalties.
  • Obtaining extension in submitting assessments.
  • Requesting financial reports on a regular basis, to ensure payments are submitted on time, to avoid interest raises.
  • Arranging and maintaining certificates of compliance / Good Standing from the CC automatically, throughout the year, without requests from the Employers.
  • Arrangement of installments, if needed. Maximum 12 months.

As a value added service to our Clients, we are able to offer a range of services:

  • Reporting all claims and speed up all claims at the CC offices in Pretoria, and ensure these are up to date until finalised.
  • Being kept up to date on the statusses claims matters by providing an analysis of claims information.
  • Submitting regular reports on the progress of your CC proceedings (claims).
  • Assistance with all claims
  • Speedy registering claims
  • Assisting with 3rd party claims and final awards.
  • Assistance and advice on objections by Employees.
  • Providing advice on the Occupational Health and Safety Act No 85.
  • Providing all documents legally needed by the CC.
  • Providing assistance and guidance in the handling of claims.
  • Arranging meetings with the CC in Pretoria, when necessary.
  • Merit rebates / Applying for deduction on your rate.
  • Reduction of Annual COID premiums.

We also assist Companies by:

  • Making sure that penalties and interest charges are not being incurred.
  • Ensuring that the company is correctly classified i.r.o. their business practice.
  • For our clients’ convenience and peace of mind, we supply contact telephone numbers which are continually manned.

More information on Reduction of Annual COID premiums

  • An application for reduced contributions is lodged, after analyzing a clients claims information. This often leads to huge savings and will continue for years to come. COID Partners Supports fee for this service is based on a percentage of the saving.
    • COID Partners Support requires a mandate from the client to have access to his claims information at the Compensation Commissioner, after which a risk assessment of these information is conducted.
    • If the outcome of the risk assessment allows it, an application for reduced contributions is lodged with the Compensation Commissioner,
    • After the application was approved the client’s contributions will be adjusted accordingly,
    • If the application was not approved the client will be provided with a full analysis of his claims information.

More on Claims Management Service

  • COID Partners Support can assist with the day to day administration of injury on duty claims on behalf of Employers, employee’s and Medical Service Providers.
  • COID Partners Support will act as intermediary between the employer / employee / Medical Service Providers and the Compensation Commissioner. The implementation of the service will have far reaching benefits to the client.
    • More efficient claims settlement is assured, because each claim is reported in the prescribed manner to the Compensation Commissioner
    • Assistance is always available regarding reporting of claims
    • The client is assured that statutory requirements are complied with
    • A central reporting centre and a specifically designed computer program ensure that the client is aware of the precise circumstances surrounding each individual claim.
    • Keeping clients informed with regards to the status of IOD claims.

Medical Service Providers claim services

  • COID Partners Support offers Medical Service Providers a wide range of services to meet al their practice’s IOD needs
  • If every IOD case is not properly managed, you would not get paid.
    • Your financial status will improve, because you will get your money quicker.
    • We deal directly with the Compensation Commissioner on a daily basis.
    • We take all the strain away from you in dealing with the Compensation Commissioners Office.
    • If we don’t settle your claim, we don’t get paid
  • Our services and Administration
    • We capture your account on our system, on receipt of the account and supporting documents.
    • We inform you of any outstanding information / documents
    • We submit all your claims to the Compensation Commissioner for registration and adjudication.
    • When the claim is approved, we will submit your account for payment.
    • We track payments made
    • We provide you with an up to date status on each claim.

Additional Services

  • Change of Nature of Business
  • Investigation of Audit/Discrepancies
  • Cancellation of Penalties and Interest
  • Revision of Assessments
  • De-Registration of Business